What runners should know about sitting

What runners should know about sitting

Running is a great accomplishment for an individual. You've spent months training for the big day and devoting a large piece of your life to it. Then, the day is at long last here and you have crossed the finish line and achieved your goal!

You might want to sit down but, it's important to continue moving. go through the finishing chute and grab something to eat. Most races will have a table there with bananas or other food. You want to ensure that you eat something to start riding with your recuperation.

So what's my point? Sitting affects your running and there are things you can do to offer assistance.with regards here are some of What runners should know about sitting

Prolonged times of sitting will encourage your hamstrings and hip flexors to tighten up and sometimes your low back too; which is so not cool for your running.


Recent studies have demonstrated that sitting for long time frames is no good for our health. There are many health issues that can manifest in light of staying seated for a long time. These incorporate

Neck and back issues

This results on the grounds that the neck packs progressively while sitting. Other issues incorporate expanded risk of diabetes, distal colon malignancy, and rectal tumor.

On top of that standing up is basically good for us. People were not meant to stay sedentary for long time frames. Our bodies are in an unnatural state while sitting in a seat, despite how relaxing or good it might feel at the time. It's good for us to get up, stand up, stroll around or do some light exercises now and then.

Take away the fact that eye strain is another issue that individuals who stare at computer screens for a long time typically grow, but taking a break from the computer is a good thing.

Add to that the fact that if we just stand up while working on our computers, we can consume more calories while counteracting the negative effects of sitting throughout the day. A few estimates say that you can wreck to 50 calories an hour while working at a stand-up work area. That may sound insignificant but finished the course of 6 hours you could consume 300 calories.

Can prompt heart diseases

Sitting for a long time can likewise prompt heart disease and other issues. Standing while at the same time working takes care of many of these issues while in the meantime making you healthier, can help consume calories, and enable you to feel more positive about yourself.

If making the switch to a stand-up work area there are some important things to remember. Try not to try to stand up throughout the day right off the bat; work up to it. Start by standing for 15 to 30 minutes at a stretch. Develop to 60 minutes, then longer and longer. The important thing is to just start doing it.

What's more, truly, you don't want to stand throughout the day either. That can prompt other unfriendly effects like foot and lower leg issues. In life, moderation is typically the way to just about everything. If you can develop to standing for 4-6 hours of your workday, you'd be doing great!


Keep in mind too that doing some light exercises while working would regard do. You can incorporate little things throughout your day. For instance, if you're on the telephone and can't do anything else at any rate, why not move around, pace, or even move a little bit. You could take a speedy break to do a couple of sit-ups or pushups. Instead of instant messaging or emailing a colleague, stroll over to their work area. After all, it's decent to chat up close and personal and many of us are losing the art of talking to individuals IRL, (all things considered); if you can get healthy while improving your work environment, then you can solve two problems at once!

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