Fitness is coming back!

This morning started early.  Straight out of bed, I had my large coffee supplemented with about 2 inches of half and half.  I’m still following the high fat, high protein, lower carb, limited sugar, limited grain eating plan.  Last night for dinner,  I had roasted brussel sprouts, onions and bacon plus a hard boiled egg for dinner.  I stopped eating around 6:30 and by 7 am the following morning,  I was nicely fasted ie. no fats or sugars in my blood stream. The coffee and half and half was the only fuel source in my body.  I laced on a pair of minimalist training shoes because it’s good to go minimal once in a while to strengthen your feet.  These shoes are freaking awesome and I don’t know why I don’t wear them more often.  Wait,  I do know….  My feet and ankles are pretty weak and whenever I wear these shoes,  I go through a few days of stiffness and soreness before things start to feel better. I want to wear these at least once or twice a week for my shorter runs. Longer runs will continue in my regular old Brooks Glycerins which have better stability.

New Balance 101

New Balance 101

New Balance 101

I felt great today and had unlimited energy.  I think part of it had to do with a good night’s sleep the night before but I also think that the high fat diet is starting to take hold.  I honestly felt like I could go on for another few miles but work was calling and I had to call it a day.  The life of a sales rep is 24/7. Today’s run was mostly on the trail that encircles Mills College in Oakland.  It’s a beautiful and secure campus that’s smack dab in the middle of a fairly crappy neighborhood.

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After the run,  I had a hard boiled egg for the protein plus I made a kale smoothie with blueberries (great antioxidants), ginger (taste), coconut water (hydration), avocado (healthy fat) and chia seeds (good fats, protein, and fiber).  I’m going to try and do some weight sessions this evening if time permits (update- I didn’t have the time but it’s ok). I feel the fitness really starting to come on again and it feels so good to sweat!  This eating plan is a lot simpler to follow than I thought it would be.  I really haven’t had a craving for pasta or rice and I’ve been able to avoid all of the chips and sugary snacks / drinks that always seem to be in our kitchen.  In terms of weight loss,  I’m now down to about 193 and falling.  I did a few longer runs this past week (8-9 miles each) and they are really helping my endurance.  The key for me as usual is the heart rate monitor.  Others might poo-poo this sort of training but for me,  it really works.  Keeping your HR down by running slower and with good form is the way to go plus it scorches fat.  Less body fat = less weight = better running=more weight loss. >/p>


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