Triathlon core training and upper body challenge

30 something days ago,  I decided to embark on a push up challenge.  I’m usually terrible when it comes to remembering that I have certain things to do in my training.  I do however respond well to goals,  especially when they’re written down.  I decided to do a push up challenge and had a check off sheet that I put on my fridge.  I’m happy to say that with a few minor exceptions,  the challenge was completed. I can really see some good definition in my back, upper arms and shoulders and can feel the difference it makes in my swimming and cycling.

The Challenge:  90 pushups a day for 30 days (3 sets of 30

Start: So far,  so good with the exception of day 5.

30 day pushup challenge: Days 1-6. I missed day 5 for some reason

Finish:  I missed a total of 5 days for the entire period

90 pushups a day for 30 days.. Done! (i did miss a few days here and there but still.. Not bad.)

I now move on to my next 30 day challenge.  This time,  it’s a pushup and core strength combination.  I need to do more core work and given my success with the first challenge,  I’m sure that I’ll be able to complete this one as well.  Having a strong core will help with just about every aspect of triathlon training plus it can aid in injury prevention.  I also plan to work on my lower back as the core focus should completely encircles your midsection.  Neglecting the back can throw you out of balance and possibly cause injuries as a result. Push Ups:  Nothing fancy here.  Just 3 x 30 sets of regular pushps but I like to throw a little variety into the mix by adjusting the width of my hands which can place emphasis on different parts of the back, shoulders and arms.Core:  Variety is key so I have a list of exercises that I can choose from.  I don’t have all the time in the world so I’m doing 2-3 sets of 15 reps of 4-5 exercises from the list below.  Try to mix it up occasionally in order to create muscle confusion.  You can Google them to check out the proper technique..Side, Front, Side PlanksReach Thru’sIn and OutsCrunchesCable or Tube twistsV-Ups (difficult)PointersSide CrunchesMason TwistsSuperman (aka back extensions)Bicycle kicksPulse ups (difficult).Here’s the EXCEL file that I created which is now stuck to the fridge with little magnets.  Every day that I complete is then checked off.  This serves as a mental and visual reminder that I made this promise to myself and I start to feel guilty if I don’t complelte the day’s task.  You can modify it to your heart’s content.  I’ve blocked out 30 squares and will do the 90 pushups on the odd days and the core routine on the even days.  If all goes well,  I should see some good results.  I’m really looking forward to this but acknowledge that it will be more difficult than the first challenge, especially on the core days as it will take more time to complete.  I’ll have to see how this goes and modify it a little if it gets to be too much..

3 Thoughts on “Triathlon core training and upper body challenge

  1. Milly skiles on April 17, 2012 at 1:47 pm said:

    Nice magnets…

  2. By the way, this particular push up / core challenge was….a…total…FAIL! Back to the old drawing board.

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